深夜廟 - ISAO / 吉島智仁


- 小さく静かに、膜が、木が、鐘が、震えて鳴る
打楽器は真夜中に目を覚まし、夜を弔う - 
haruka nakamura PIANO Ensembleで長年ドラムを担当してきたISAOと、おやすみホログラムなどでサポートドラムを担当する吉島智仁の二人によるユニットがデビューアルバムを発表します。

A unit by two musicians, ISAO who has been in charge of drums for many years at haruka nakamura PIANO Ensemble, and Tomohito Yoshima who is in charge of support drums at Oyasumi hologram etc. will release a debut album.
Contemporary music live “Late night temple” by two drums which was held monthly at “Tea ceremony in Tokyo” in Yotsuya. The sound of many percussion instruments which disappear slightly will sound like a whisper of musical instruments that awoke in the middle of the night. Scratch, stroke, shake, shake ,,,. In addition to the method of “hitting” percussion instruments, it also makes me realize that there are many ways of expression.
Mastering live recording performed in January 2017 at Itabashi-Anjoin. The making of sounds that also leads to contemporary dance and ballet has gained popularity as attracting attention from choreographers and dancers.
The photographs of Mika Kitamura and the artworks packaged together with Yuki Nakamura’s poems put on the word late night temple are even further deeply entering the work.

Title : 深夜廟
Artist : ISAO / 吉島智仁
Cat No : SVTPg-001
Release Date : Aug 2nd 2017
Format : CD/Digital
Recording and Mastering by : Katsunori Fukuoka / Flysound
​Artwork : Mika Kitamura
Poet:Yuki NakamuraTrack list


harukanakamura PIANO ensembleへの参加や青葉市子との共演、ARAKI Shinの アルバムへの参加、いろのみ、内田輝 、sawako などのプロジェクトへの参加や畠山美由紀 のサポートなどで活躍している。打楽器や、非打楽器から自在に音を作り出し、空間に漂う 音作りに定評がある。

Participating in harukanakamura PIANO ensemble, collaboration with Aoba Ichiko, participation in ARAKI Shin’s album, participation in projects such as Ironomi, Uchida Teru, sawako and support of Hatakeyama Miyuki. It has a reputation for making sounds freely from percussion instruments and non percussion instruments, making sound drifting in the space.


早稲田大学在学時からドラムを始め、池長一美氏に師事。卒業後、洗足学園音楽大学jazz科 に入学。在学時よりプロ活動を開始。演奏家として、ゴダイゴのギタリスト浅野孝巳氏をはじめ、 ベース奏者水谷浩章氏など、ジャンルを問わず、様々な音楽家と共演近年では、おやすみ ホログラムのサポートや自身のTRIOグループ「SKYTRIO」でも活躍中。微音、弱音を得意 とし、振り幅の大きいダイナミクスを駆使して独特なうねりを生み出す音の旅人。​

Tomohito Yoshijima
Began playing drums at Waseda University, studying under Mr. Ichimi Ikemasa. After graduation, I enrolled in the Jaszyaku School of Sushi Gakuen Music University. Started professional activities from the time of studying abroad. As a performer, Godaigo’s guitarist In collaboration with various musicians, regardless of genre, including Mr. Takami Asano and base performer Hiroaki Mizutani. In recent years, he is also active in support of good night hologram and his own TRIO group “SKYTRIO”. A sound traveler who specializes in fine tones and weak sounds and uses unique dynamics to create distinctive swells.

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