How do I download my admit card for exams?

Downloading the admit card is an important step to appear for any exam. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download the admit card:

Visit the Official Website

The first step is to visit the official website of the exam conducting authority. For example, for UPSC exams visit –, for SSC exams visit – and so on.

Find the Admit Card Download Link

The website will have a designated admit card download section. It may be named as ‘Download Admit Card’, ‘Hall Ticket Download’ or simply ‘Admit Card’. Find this link and click on it.

Login with Required Credentials

To download the admit card, you will need to login with your credentials. These are typically:

  • Registration/Application Number
  • Date of Birth

Enter these carefully and submit.

Download Admit Card

After logging in successfully, you will be able to see the option to download admit card. The admit card will be in PDF format. Download it on your computer and also take print outs.

Check Details on Admit Card

Carefully check all the details on the admit card once downloaded. These include:

  • Name
  • Roll Number
  • Exam Name, Date and Timings
  • Exam Center Details
  • Important Instructions

In case of any discrepancy in details, contact the exam authority immediately.

Take Printouts and Save PDF

The admit card printouts and soft copy PDF are important to carry on exam day. Take 2-3 printouts and save the PDF on your computer/mobile as well.

Downloading the admit card is a crucial part of the exam process. Follow the steps properly and ensure you have the admit card well in advance of the exam date. In case of any issues, contact the exam conducting body for assistance.

Where can I find the link to download my admit card?

Admit cards or hall tickets are released online by the exam conducting authorities. Here are the steps to find the admit card download link:

Visit Official Website

Go to the official website of the exam you have applied for. For government exams like SSC, UPSC, RRB the official websites are:

  • SSC Exams:
  • UPSC Exams:
  • RRB Exams:

For other exams, visit the website of the conducting body.

Locate Admit Card Section

The website will have a section or link dedicated for admit card download. It is usually highlighted prominently. The section may be named as:

  • Download Admit Card
  • Download Hall Ticket
  • Admit Card Download

Find Relevant Exam Link

Under the admit card section, there will be different links for ongoing exams. Find the link for the exam you applied for. For example, ‘Download Admit Card for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam’.

Click on Link to Go to Login Page

This link will take you to the admit card download login page. You will have to enter the required details like registration number and date of birth to proceed.

Check Official Notifications

Alternatively, check the latest news or notifications section on the website. It will notify when the admit card is released and provide the direct link.

The admit card link is usually active 10-15 days before the exam. If you are unable to find the link, check again closer to exam. Save the website as bookmark to easily access.

I can’t find the admit card download link on the official website. What should I do?

If you are unable to find or access the admit card download link on the exam website, here are a few things you can do:

Check if Link is Active

First, check if the link is active and functional. Sometimes the link is deactivated after admit cards are withdrawn post-exam. Or it may not be activated few days before exam. Keep checking regularly.

Contact Exam Authority

If the admit card page shows ‘link will be active soon’, then wait for some time. If there is no update, contact the exam conducting authority. Call on helpline numbers or email them inquiring about admit card link status.

Check Notifications/Updates

There may be some new notification or update on the website regarding admit card. Check the latest news or announcements section carefully for any information.

Visit Nearest Center

As per last resort, you can visit the exam center assigned to you. Carry your application and other documents. The center may be able to verify your details and provide the admit card.

Ask on Online Forums

You can also ask about the admit card link on the official website’s forums or discussion boards if they are available. People who already downloaded may guide you on finding the link.

Use Old Link

At times, the same link may work for consecutive exams. Try using admit card link for previous exams conducted by same authority.

Do not worry if the admit card link is temporarily unavailable. Keep checking regularly and contact the exam authority for assistance. Proper planning and staying updated are key to ensuring you download the admit card on time.

What details do I need to download my admit card?

Admit cards for exams are issued online and candidates have to login using their credentials to download them. Typically, the following details are required:

Registration/Application Number

This unique number is generated once you complete and submit the application form. It can be numerical like 345261 or alpha-numerical like ABC12345. It is essential for logging in, so keep it safe.

Date of Birth

Your date of birth as entered in the application form needs to be provided while downloading admit card. Enter it in DD/MM/YYYY format.


Some exam authorities may also require you to enter the application form password while downloading the admit card.

Roll Number

For exams like SSC and UPSC, roll number is generated once application is submitted. You need roll number in addition to registration number and date of birth for admit card download.

Official ID Proof

Few exam conducting bodies may also ask for scanning/uploading an official photo ID like Aadhaar, PAN Card, Driving License at the time of downloading admit card for additional verification.

Application Form

It is advisable to keep a copy of the completed application form handy for future reference.

If you have these details ready, you will be able to quickly download the admit card as soon as the link is activated on the official website. In case of any doubt over details entered earlier, check the application form. Proper details will help you download admit card without hassles.

I forgot my registration number/roll number. How can I still download my admit card?

Your registration or roll number is crucial to download the admit card from the exam website. If you have forgotten it, here are some options:

Check Application Form

If you have a copy of the submitted application form, check it for registration number details. It is mentioned on the form.

Check Previous Correspondence

Refer to any previous communication such as confirmation email after form submission. The registration number is mentioned there.

Try Retrieving from Website

Some exam websites have ‘Forgot Registration Number’ option where you can enter basic details to retrieve it.

Contact Exam Authority

Get in touch with the exam conducting body via phone or email. Provide your personal details and test information. They can retrieve your registration number after verifying details.

Visit Nearest Center

You can visit the exam center assigned to you along with a valid photo id proof. The officials present can help verify your identity and details to eventually provide your admit card.

Use Roll Number

For some exams, roll number may work instead of registration number to download admit card. Try using your roll no. if you remember it.

Use Same Registration Number

Often the exam authority allots same registration number if you appear for multiple subsequent exams conducted by them. Try using the number you may have for previous exams.

Do not panic if you forget the registration number. Use the options above or contact exam officials to retrieve it. Having the admit card for exam day is important, so take necessary steps if you misplace the registration number.

The admit card download link is not working. What should I do?

If the admit card download link on the exam website is not functioning, first wait for some time and retry. Heavy traffic when results are announced can sometimes cause links to become temporarily unavailable. However, if the problem persists try the following options:

Refresh Page and Retry

Refresh the admit card download page by pressing F5 or ctrl+R keys. Clear browser cache if required. Retry clicking the link after refreshing. The link may start working.

Use Different Browser

Try opening the link in different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. One browser may work over another sometimes.

Check Website Status

Check the exam website’s social media handles or website for any notification regarding link being down for maintenance. It will mention when the link will be restored.

Contact Exam Authority

Get in touch with the exam conducting body via email or helplines. Provide your registered id details and inform them about the issue. They will resolve the problem at the earliest.

Visit Nearest Center

As a last option, visit the exam center assigned to you. Carry valid id proof. The officials can verify your test details and provide admit card after confirming your identity.

Download from Email

Sometimes admit cards are also sent via email by exam authorities. Check your registered email id for the attached admit card.

Remain calm and keep trying the link. Admit cards are a mandatory document for appearing in exams, so persist with your efforts to access the link. Inform exam officials if issue continues and get it resolved.

My name or other details are wrong on the admit card. How can I get it corrected?

Sometimes there may be minor discrepancies in candidate’s details printed on the admit card. If you find any error in details like your name, age, exam name etc. here is how you can get it corrected:

Immediately Inform Exam Body

As soon as you notice any mistake in the admit card, contact the exam conducting authority. Email them mentioning the erroneous details and attaching supporting documents.

Get Errors Verified

Visit the exam authority’s office in person and get the errors verified by officials after physical verification of documents. They will make note of changes required.

Collect Revised Admit Card

Once verifications are done, you will be issued a revised admit card with correct details. Alternatively, exam officials may manually correct errors on existing admit card after due verification.

Carry Original Documents

On exam day, carry original documents like photo id proof, application form etc. mentioning your correct details along with the admit card.

Reach Exam Center Early

Report to the exam center well in advance and show both admit card and original documents to room invigilator. They will allow you after verifying and making note of error.

Coordinate with Exam Center

Stay in touch with assigned exam center over phone/email. Provide them details of error in advance, so that they are aware.

Highlight Errors

Use a marker to highlight the erroneous details on admit card for easy identification for exam center staff.

Getting errors corrected well in time is crucial. Coordinate promptly with exam body once errors are noted in your admit card. Carry original supporting documents on exam day to avoid any issues.

I did not receive the admit card in email. How can I download it now?

If you did not get the emailed admit card from the exam authority, you can still download it by following these steps:

Check Spam Folder

First check the spam or junk folder of your registered email. The admit card email may have gone there.

Use Same Link

The admit card link on the exam website can be used to download the admit card again anytime. Use your registration details to login and download.

Contact Exam Authority

Get in touch with the exam conducting body via call or email. Inform them about the issue in receiving admit card over email. They will resend it or provide steps to download again.

Visit Website Regularly

Keep checking the exam website regularly if the admit card link is not yet active. Links are usually activated 10-15 days prior to exam date.

Use Previous Exams’ Link

Sometimes same admit card download link may be retained for various exams by an authority. Try using link of previous exams you gave.

Visit Exam Center

Ultimately, visit the allotted exam center few days before test date. Carry valid ID proof and get issue resolved after verification of details.

Check Notifications

Check website for any latest announcements or notifications by exam conducting body regarding admit card. It may have new instructions.

Do not worry if you missed checking your emails and could not download the admit card sent earlier. You can still access it through the official website by using your credentials.

What is the last date to download the admit card?

The admit card for an exam is a mandatory document required in original print form on the test date. While admit cards are released well in advance, here are the key points to know regarding last date for admit card download:

10-15 Days Before Exam

For most major exams, the admit card download link is activated on the official website 10-15 days prior to the exam date. Candidates must download it within this stipulated duration.

1 Week Before Exam

Some exam authorities mention a deadline of 1 week before exam to download the admit card. No requests will be entertained after the mentioned last date.

Upto Evening Before Exam

Certain exam bodies allow admit card download upto the evening before the scheduled test provided the link is still active. This is subject to terms mentioned by respective authority.

Carry Documents on Exam Day

If you miss downloading admit card within prescribed date, carry valid ID proof and application form to exam center. You may be issued admit card on-spot after verification. However, this is no guarantee.

Re-download Anytime

Once downloaded, candidates can re-download and take printouts of saved admit card file anytime later as needed. However, first download is only possible before set deadline.

The admit card link usually remains open till a day before the exam date. Complete admit card download formalities well within prescribed deadline by respective exam body. Refer to official website for specific dates applicable.

My photo is not visible on the admit card. Can I still use it?

Having a clear, visible photo printed correctly on the admit card is vital. However, sometimes there may be issues like a blurred photo, blackened out photo or no photo visible at all. In such cases:

Contact Exam Body Immediately

As soon as you notice the photo related error, get in touch with the exam conducting authority via email or call. Highlight the issue clearly and request for steps to rectify it.

Verify Issue in Person

Visit the exam authority’s office or center in person along with supporting documents to get the problem verified. Carry original photo id proofs.

Collect Revised Admit Card

Upon verification, you will be issued a revised correct admit card with visible photo printed. Alternatively, exam center can manually correct it.

Carry Original Photo ID Proofs

On the exam day, carry documents like PAN Card, Aadhaar, Driving License featuring clear photo along with the problematic admit card for verification.

Reach Exam Centre Early

Report atleast 1 hour in advance to the exam center to sort out the issue. The staff will verify details and allow you in after making noting of the error.

Co-ordinate with Exam Center

Inform allotted center well in advance regarding admit card photo issue. It will help avoid delays or denial of entry if they are aware.

Getting errors in admit card sorted out quickly is key. Coordinate promptly with exam body and allotted center as soon as you detect any error in your admit card. Carry original documents on exam day for hassle-free entry.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways on how to download admit cards for exams:

  • Visit Official Website to find admit card download link and login using your credentials
  • Check Details carefully for any errors after downloading admit card
  • Take Printouts of admit card as well as save PDF copy
  • Contact Exam Authority immediately in case of any issues in downloading admit card
  • Carry Original ID Proofs and documents if details on admit card have errors
  • Follow Deadline specified for downloading admit card on website
  • Reach Exam Center in advance to sort out any issues related to admit card details


  • Downloading admit card is a crucial step before appearing for any exam.
  • Visit official exam website and locate admit card download link to access hall ticket.
  • Login using required credentials like registration number, roll number, date of birth etc.
  • Carefully verify all details on the admit card once downloaded.
  • Take printouts and save soft copy of admit card well in advance.
  • Contact exam authority immediately to resolve any issues faced in downloading or errors in details.
  • Follow prescribed last date and guidelines by exam body for admit card download.
  • Reach exam center well before time on exam day with admit card printouts and original ID proofs.
  • Timely download of admit card and rectifying errors is key to avoid problems on the final exam day.

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